Thursday, September 13, 2012

Apricot Tree Germination & Tree Starts

Apricot Trees produce fruit in 3-4 years after being planted. We have been getting apricots from a local organic farm, and Wayne started drying out the pits in a glass jar in our window. We always try to save seeds where ever we can. He started to do research on apricot seeds, and apparently they have the highest content of the vitamin B-17 in the world. There are two types of Apricot seeds- Bitter or sweet, and Bitter seeds have a much higher content of B-17, but much harder to eat.. We started to blend them in our smoothies each morning, and found that by most fruit pips and kernels are filled with B-17 (Example: Pits of fruit like Apple, Cherries, Peaches, Plums, Nectarines, and Oranges). It's a compound of healthy substances that occurs in nature that are needed by the human body.
"B-17 is a glycoside, meaning it bonds to other nutrients through sugar. Glycosides are often used in medications, and B-17 is no exception. The extracted version of B-17 is called laetrile, a substance used to help cancer patients fight diseased cells. Studies have shown that B-17 helps to increase the body's ability to fight cancer. B-17 does this through the creation of hydrogen cyanide, which is released into the body's tissues. This compound then attacks and subsequently destroys cancer cells."
With this new found information.. Wayne started germinating the seeds he was collecting, and now we are growing Apricot Tree Starts! Here is what we have done so far- I will post with updates when they start to grow. Just make sure to keep the seeds damp after planting- They do not like to be fully soaked- Just damp.

Source for learning how to grow Apricot Trees from Seeds- Here from eHow Home
Source for nutritional benefits of B-17 are from Livestrong- Here & eHow Mom  Here

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Etsy Shop Coupon Code

It has been a great summer! I never expected my shop to do so well so fast.. This little lady is quite full of joy! So right now I am offering a 10% discount in my shop till September 10th! If you know anyone who is planning an upcoming wedding make sure to send my coupon code their way..
Link to my shop: HERE

I also just added some new photos to the shop, and in the process of getting all of the bags photographed in this same style. Things seem to be slowing down a little bit so I hope to have more time to work on getting new bag designs, buntings, wedding signs, Halloween trick-or-treat bags. I have too many ideas up my sleeve.. Where do I start?! : P