Sunday, June 29, 2014

Brittney's Happily Ever After Starts Here

We had a Pre-Wedding Spa Day. It was AAAmazing... Steam room, facials, foot soaks, shower body scrubs, and endless amounts of delicious organic tea. This little slice of heaven is in PDX, and just what you need to detox and relax(especially pre-wedding). Check them out: Loyly
As for the wedding day.. Brace yourself for the prettiest barn wedding! This venue was unreal. The details were impeccable! Everything was spot on. You could even say it put you in a 'dream state'. :) I even got to feature my work all through the wedding. All of the dark wood calligraphy font signs are mine(They will be going up for grabs in my shop here shortly). The bride used the Laurel Wreath Bridal Bag that I gave her when I found out that she was engaged (Available here: My Shop). 
I also had the awesome privilege of being one of her Bridesmaids. Standing by her side on her wedding day was an honor -- not only because she is my friend, but their love for each other is so strong and powerful. You can feel it's energy, and there is definitely beauty in that.
While everyone was dancing and the bassy music was blasting a barn owl circled around the barn a few times (obviously curious by the noise). I googled it while standing there in amazement, and found out owls bring 'good furtune'. What better way to end the night??.. 

...and they lived happily ever after.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Today is Our 1 Year Move-In Anniversary

Today is our 1 year move-in Anniversary, and as for our Homestead Updates:
The grass is thickening up real nice. Wayne built a wood shed(and filled it up already), 2 garden beds, a gravel box around the hose, extended the tiny home's deck an extra 2 feet, and started on a new fence. We bought over 100 pine trees to get things filled in nicely again too. The inside of the home got all new living room furniture, and a chopping block for our kitchen island. Sweet Liberating Progress.

This is our Before photo:
Old photos are refreshing. They remind us how far we have come, and I hope the photos I took today will be reminders of what this place 'used to look like' as well.

Our next projects are a new lower 200 sq ft deck, re-siding the lower part of the house with stone paneling, getting dirt delivered to level out and bury tree debris(so we can replant new trees), build 2 more garden planters, and 1-2 more wood sheds. Lastly fixing our gawd awful driveway.
The plans are endless, but chipping them away one thing at a time.. We get a lot done real quickly!


Friday, June 6, 2014

Lava Lands & Adventures With The Soon-To-Be Bride Brittney

There has been a lot of activity around here recently. More than I can possibly even document with my crazy work life. Business has been good. Let's just say that.. :D
Wayne, and my Brother and I went to Lava Lands. My brother and I have been there about 11ish years ago, and we have never been to the top of the butte. The volcanic crater is 150 feet deep, and there is trail on the top to walk the whole way around. The views were spectacular!! It is definitely a must to see. Especially when the skies are clear. You can see for miles and miles.
This photo below is the impressive lava field from the single explosion Lava Butte had about 7,700 years ago.

My friend Brittney came over for a 2 night visit. So we showed her around the area. She now wants to be our neighbor.. :P A direct quote is, "My trip to see you has ruined me. lol All I can think about is the calm peaceful forest and how I'd so rather be there than here." 
Our property is a work in progress, but when we are done... It is going to be a dream! I am so happy to inspire people. I definitely see the perks in living in a city, but all of those perks have nothing to do with the importance of our time spent enjoying the beauty of this planet. 
I took Brittney down to see me in my bridesmaid dress. She made me twirl in it, and got all giddy. It has been in alterations for over a month already and still not complete. Her wedding is at the end of this month. My work will be featured throughout her wedding too. I couldn't be more excited to be a part of her big day, and to share the happy day with all of you.