Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blog Portfolio Wedding Invitation

My sister wrote me yesterday and asked if I had time to whip up some 'Awesomeness' for her. Lucky for her I had the day off to catch up on orders. She wanted a Save the Date made up if I had the time.. At 6am when I got the e-mail- I started looking around on Etsy and came across one of my favorite shops called FirstSnowFall. They have a Save the Date that I thought would be perfect since she is having a starlight wedding at 9pm. The cards are $82.50 for sets of 25.. I thought... Well maybe I can play off of this same theme?

I found a black chalkboard photo with a simple google search (black chalkboard background), and started playing around with some fonts, and ornaments that I have saved over the last few years. With having a blog- I am constantly on the hunt for new font scrips to play with.. 

This is what came about- I went a bit overboard.. She did ask only for a Save the Date, and I made an entire line of themed invites. Once I started and had a theme going I couldn't stop. It took me a little over 2 hours for the full set, and less than an hour to make the save the date, and all of the research that I did. I am quite impressed with my spontaneous skills that I had to share them with you! I figured this would be a great thing to add to my 'blog portfolio'.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Urban Chaos to Quiet Country

Having a full time job is tough.. In addition I have another part-to-full time job with my Etsy shop. It has been more so full time lately though. Things seem to be going good! Right when I thought we would be jumping into a new home, and lifestyle (homesteaders).. The seller backed out of the sale (We think- Things were very vague...)! Isn't that just unheard of?! So we are back to square one (we think). I was hoping to get a garden started early in the year, and getting the renovation going! So moving on with our lives.. we have some original ideas from our previous search we may be going with- which is still very exciting. We plan to be moved and in a new place by the end of this year, so things will be moving quickly. I am happy all of you will be part of the urban chaos to quiet country transition. Maybe we can inspire you to do the same? Well that was my update..
Now on to the pondering questions of running a shop. For Christmas I asked for supplies for the shop. Things that I knew I would use every single day. I ended up getting Etsy gift certificates! I purchased a custom business card stamp, and a "Here come the Bride" stamp to help customize my packaging a little bit. I used to throw gift tags in with orders, and it ended up costing quite a little fortune. I stopped.. and wondered what else I could do to add that little something that people would remember when opening their package, and the stamps I got from Paper Sushi are just the perfect addition! I wanted to share them with you, and the little photo shoot I took yesterday. My 'dear' took apart a old weathered pallet, and the grey boards are just beautiful!