My name is Kristina. I am a 20 something lady living with the man of her dreams. We recently moved out of Portland, Oregon, and are now in rural Oregon. We made a goal to get away from the chaos of city life, and into a quieter setting in the forest. We made it! I have documented the transition from one place to the next, and every day has new tasks and adventures. I started this blog as a place to share photos of the trips we were going on, and things that I found inspirational hence the 'Dream State Inspiration'. I started an Etsy shop in 2008 for my sewing hobby at the time. I had been working in the hotel industry for 7 years, and in June of 2012 is when my Etsy shop really took off. I was working mostly morning shifts 7-3(wake up at 5 am), and would come home and screen print, and pack orders all night. I did this for just about a year 7 days a week. Two full time jobs consumed me and my whole being. Here I am right now working from home at my own pace, my own hours, in my own home with the sweetest most creative man I've ever met. I am so happy that those times have come and gone, but if they didn't happen we wouldn't be where we are right now at this very moment.
I do hope that you will follow us on this crazy ride, and I hope to inspire everyone to set a goal and reach it as we have.

Where will we go next?!?

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  1. Did you look at the nice property on pinterest http://pinterest.com/hazelmist48/ ? It is in oregon on the way to Lincoln City....Close to you...

  2. I live in Vancouver Washington. Congrats sounds like you have what you want in like looks and sounds good