Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jack of All Trades

I wanted to share what my sweet has been working on. He picked up some leather 1 week ago, and this is the outcome So far! We recently went to my grandpas house, where we saw that he has a very old axe, and hatchet, both held together with electrical tape, and very rusty. It was a sight that Wayne could not handle, and I understood (My dad is a logger). The day we got home, I ordered grandpa a new Husqvarna swedish forest axe, and Wayne wanted to make him a sheath. We bought some stamps to carve his initials into the handle, but it didn't really work out. Wayne also tried to stamp the leather, once again a failed attempt.. While I have been slaving away printing bags for rushed Christmas orders, Wayne has been hammering, and cutting away. I bet the neighbors are not stoked, but if they saw what we have been working on I think they would be impressed. : ) I sure am! I think grandpa will be impressed also. Wayne hasn't grown up with a grandpa around, so I think he has accepted my G-pa as his own. My grandpa always runs over to Wayne also. I think he really likes to talk with him, and Wayne appreciates wisdom from an elder. I also want to note that this sheath making skill could lead up to a new Etsy shop in the future. Wayne is a jack of all trades I swear...
My coworker just introduced me to Blog Lovin' also! Just wanted to share that you can now follow me here >> Follow my blog with Bloglovin

New Things Coming to the Shop!

I am starting a new Laurel Wreath line in the shop. The screen is drying right now. The prices will be different for this style only because each bag will have to be printed twice. Once for "Bridesmaid"/or whatever design is being purchased, and once for the wreath. I am rather excited about this new line, because I can print dozens with just the wreath, and leave them out waiting for someone to purchase, once the order comes in.. I am able to fit almost all of the designs such as Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor, Flower Girl, Bride, Jr. Bridesmaid etc. in the design. Also recently someone purchased a Bridesmaid bag, and ask for her custom handwritten tag to say "Be my".. Instantly I wondered why I hadn't thought of that! It is a wonderful way to ask someone to be your bridesmaid! Once they are given the bag asking them, they can then use it on the day of the wedding! So many new things are coming to the shop!

I also wanted to share the custom design I have completed for a Philadelphia wedding which magically falls on my birthday! The theme for their wedding is the LOVE statue in Love park downtown Philadelphia! I think it is a great theme, and I am happy to be involved! I am so excited to be involved- while finalizing the order I came across THIS, and had to send it to bride..

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Walking In a Terry Wonderland

We just got back from our two night annual Dexter, Oregon Christmas adventure. Our tummies where full from delicious home cooked meals, and when I say delicious... I mean, ohhhh boy. If your stomach could give a thumbs up, or smile.. Trust me, it would. We decorated Christmas trees, ate like kings and a queen, and got an opportunity to visit a Raptor Rehabilitation Center. I had quite the amazing experience. I even bought an owl Christmas ornament from the gift shop to keep as a memory (a great memory). The majority of photos are Wayne's. I found them to be quite beautiful. Cascades Raptor Center is located in Eugene Oregon, and I encourage as many of you who are local to check into it. It is a non-profit wildlife hospital with primarily birds of prey. They rehabilitate and release orphaned, sick, and injured wildlife. Birds are on display in large outdoor aviaries, viewed by winding hillside walking trails. The birds on display are not fit to be released. They are not in a good enough condition to survive on their own. So the aviaries are designed to enhance the awareness, respect, appreciation, and care of the earth and all its inhabitants. Which is critical for a balanced and healthy planet. You can sponsor specific birds here, and a sign is put on the aviary of the adopted bird acknowledging the adoption. : )
I had a wonderful time, and I hope you get a chance to visit the raptor center. It would be a really great educational place for kids to tour (field trip), or a fun family adventure. Especially for the bird lovers like Wayne and I (Thank you Terry for taking us!).