Sunday, July 31, 2011

We Are Bird Watchers.

I thought I would share some photos I took of a hawk. Wayne spotted it while we were on a nice drive up the Oregon coast, and southern parts of Washington.

Friday, July 29, 2011

It's The Time Of Year To Picnic. Invite Your Friends!

Here is another free printable download from Eat Drink Chic. The invitations are called "Let's Picnic". The invitations are designed by Amy Moss- and of course she did a great job designing... It is funny because she is an Aussie, and it is winter there. She gets through the winter dreaming of summer and giving us super cute pdf's to print off during our summer months! Super adorable. Where were these 2 weeks ago? I could have sent these out for my birthday gathering on Wednesday! It's just an excuse to plan another one right?!
All Images By Amy Moss

 As usual for personal use only.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

DIY Party Pinwheel

If you didn't notice I took a couple of days off here to gather with family, and BBQ. I had the best time. The inspiration for today is inspired by my days off. Sunshine, organic veggie shish kabobs, kids laughing, swimming, and star shaped organic watermelon cut from cookie cutters. I need something fun, and playful. A Pinwheel!
This Pinwheel was found at Style Me Pretty blog. It was created for a "Pinwheel and Pom Poms" themed baby shower. It could be used for any occasion, and mini versions can be made for cupcake toppers, or as a gift to send kids home with. It can have the theme of the party printed on it, Or the name of the recipient to make their gift personalised. If there is assigned seating at a wedding let the pinwheel hold their place. Tons of ideas!

Materials List:
template, which can be found right here
12 inch Wooden Dowels – Drilled about 1/2 inch down on one end. The drilled hole should be the same diameter as the Wooden Tie Pegs
Wooden Tie Pegs {They found theirs at Michael’s
Drill and Drill bit the size of the Tie Pegs
They printed the paper double sided to match the colors of the baby shower as well as added the tag line on one of the petals
Grommet tool
Large Grommets
Wood Glue
Hole Punch
Wood Saw

Monday, July 25, 2011

It Is Time To Dance! It Is Almost My Weekend.

Here is some photo inspiration is from LINDSEY TRAN on flickr.
These photos are so amazing. I love the vintage bed skirt. I know my mom likes it too. Don't ya mom? Teheh

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Seagull Photo Collection

One of my favorite things to do is take pictures of birds(I want a guide to Northwest Bird Species)(Got it-Thanks Patti). Sadly seagulls are most times the only bird I ever get photos of. What I just found out is that there are 28 species in the U.S. and I thought, "Well they all look the same to me". Then I started comparing photos and I have seen alot of different kinds! All of these photos were taken in the same day. Wayne fed all of the birds crackers, bread, and stale Christmas caramel popcorn. It is amazing! They swoop down and hover right over you until you toss something, and they catch it in their mouth! Screw playing fetch with a dog, Try a seagull!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Today's Inspiration: Fabric And Handle

Today's featured company (a.k.a. on my wish list) is Fabric & Handle. Get ready to have to wipe the saliva off your chin. I have been drooling over these for a couple of days now. Every tote bag is $39! It doesn't seem like a bad price when you can clearly see they are of good quality, and would last forever. They test every new bag for weak points, and design them with longevity in mind. Look at the second and third set of photos. They have adjustable straps! You can choose from brown or black, and thick or thin.

Birthday Trip To Arch Cape Inn

I had an amazing time at the beach. A really great birthday! I adored the bed and breakfast we stayed at, everything was so perfect. Even on the day of our departure there was the lightest misty rain. It just screamed- "Time to go home now".
I wish I could spend an extended amount of time running around taking pictures, lounging in the sun, building fires on the beach, looking for unique shells, and bird watching. Great goodness.. I can't wait to retire! I want more time to enjoy all of these little things!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Today's Inspiration is EmersonMade.
I have a really hard time finding clothes I like. It seems the style I like has faded(trends). I like lots of pleats, frills, soft, and loose fabrics. EmersonMade. does not have the biggest selection of clothes, but what they do have I like alot. A bit out of my price range too.. But they live on an adorable farm, good photography, and everything is made in the U.S.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Today Is The Day Of My Birth. (Thanks Mom)

It is the day of my birth and I am spending it at the beach! I'll post photos as soon as I get back! Wish me luck with this sun. It doesn't seem to shine much when I need it to.
 Photo Credits: Left is Zefa, Center is Pernilla Hed, Right is Zefa

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Free Ice Cream Gift Tags

Here is some summer fun for us Oregonians. Somehow the summer has left us, and we are starting into fall already. I am thinking for my upcoming family gathering it could be a "Patio Warming Party". My mom just built a new patio with all new outdoor furniture.  I think I might just sew up a bunting for the new outdoor living room. Something weatherproof, and colorful to be used for any occasion.

Download These Printable Ice Cream Gift Tags From the Blog of Eat Drink Chic by Kate Moss.
Click HERE for the pdf. For personal use only.
"Simply print out onto thick white card. Cut out, punch hole in the top and attach some twine or ribbon. Feel free to handwrite your own custom message in the space provided!"
All Photos By Kate Moss at Eat Drink Chic

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ribboned Asparagus Salad Recipe

This is a yummy 'Ribboned Asparagus Salad' recipe from Kinfolk Magazine. Filmed so well from tiger in a jar on vimeo. I am not the biggest fan of asparagus but shredded this way- I would totally give it a try. Looks so delicious!

Romantic Summer Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner For 2.

Kinfolk is an online magazine that just started up. Their first issue just came out and it is filled with recipes, and beautiful photography. I really enjoyed these romantic videos of couples in love preparing for each meal. I need someone close to me to be a film student... Beautiful inspiration for the day.

A Summer Breakfast For Two
A Summer Lunch For Two

Kinkolk: Lunch for Two from andrew+carissa on Vimeo.
A Summer Dinner For Two

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Creative Idea! Party Time On A Budget.

This is a creative idea I found at Papermesh. They turned pink paper doilies into Drink Parasols! Click here for the download.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Friday!

Sadly it is my Monday.. I spent all morning at the DMV, I get to clean house a little, then I am off to work for the night- I shower and go to bed, then right back to work again at 7am. It is an exciting life.. But it could always be worse.
Pottery Barn has a few 'How To' articles on hosting a movie night party.
Here is Enjoy Media Outdoors, Create A Backyard Movie Screen, & How To Host A Movie Night.
Pottery Barn has tons of Entertainment Articles- Check all of them out here. Some have really original ideas, and beautiful photography(of course). Just some fun Friday night ideas for you. Enjoy!

"Watching a favorite movie outdoors is a fun and special warm–weather activity for kids and parents alike. And all it takes are some simple materials — plus a little creativity — to transform your backyard into an outdoor theatre."

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Indian Block Prints at West Elm

I can't even express how obsessed with Indian block printing I am. There are tons of youtube videos that show how they make such unique patterns, even how they carve the wood blocks. I'll show you a few. It takes so much skill. I envy skills like that. The definition of 'meticulous' describes the attention to detail that it takes to carve wood blocks. I am so inspired.... I love that they carve a block, then another to go on top of it to add color, and another for detail. India has been block printing for 4,500 years. Not a thing has changed.
                   These are a few examples that West Elm is featuring.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reclaimed, and Recycled West Elm Items

I could move into every single West Elm photo shoot I swear.. I love furniture that is less than perfect. Makes me want to take all of our shelves out into the yard(if I had one) and start beating them up. I love the farm/beach style it creates. The texture, and organic look adds so much character to a room. Plus everything we humans create should have more than one life! Don't get me started on disposable items, electronics, and plastics. Everything these days is made to break. By the time your product breaks- the new version is already out. Time to upgrade! I want organic everything.. It is impossible. I know. But wouldn't it be lovely to wipe your toosh with organic toilet paper? Wear only organic fabrics, and sleep in organic sheets, organic towels, and rugs. Life would be much softer, and healthier. Have you guys read the book "The Story Of Stuff" by Annie Leonard(you can read the entire book online for free here)? You wouldn't believe how processed cotton is. Formaldehyde! The textile industry calls it "easy care", which means soft, wrinkle resistant, stain and odor resistant , fireproof, moth proof, and antistatic. It is a magic potion. It results in respiratory problems, burning eyes, and cancer. I am only listing ONE chemical used on cotton. We wear this stuff, it is everywhere in our lives.. I just wish things were less processed, and we saw more things being reclaimed and reused. I am SO pro DIY.

Gearhart Ocean Inn Gearhart, Oregon

While doing research a couple of years back looking for a nice place to stay at the coast I came across Gearhart Ocean Inn and fell in love. I still have yet to stay there, but I envision renting out the entire property for a giant family reunion-possibly a wedding(I'm not talking about me). The property sits on a half acre. The private back yard has a lush lawn, adirondack chairs, a croquet set, flagstone patio, picnic tables, gas barbecue, fire pit, & complimentary beach cruiser bikes! A perfect place to gather. There are 12 New England style cottages to choose from- all recently restored. Every single room has a gas fireplace, kitchen, and rain shower. They have plush amenities of course. It is definitely a gem worth visiting!(You family members down to make plans?)
                  BBQ and a croquet match anyone?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Arch Cape Inn at Cannon Beach, Oregon

Speaking of amazing places to stay along the Oregon Coast Arch Cape Inn is a Cannon Beach Bed and Breakfast. Wayne is taking me there for my birthday(This is my first time at a B&B)! Every time we drive past it I always try to find it. It's so secluded, but you will understand why with these photos. It looks like a giant cottage castle! Filled with large luxurious rooms, and a giant backyard garden. They serve a complimentary 3 course gourmet breakfast, afternoon wine and appetizers, free wifi, parking, movie library, and in room refreshments.
"Luxuriate in a deep soaking tub or warm yourself by your in-room fireplace. Steam yourself in the sauna and wrap yourself in fluffy bathrobes. Snuggle into bed with a down comforter floating over you. With a glass of wine in hand, gaze out the window to see waves crashing on Castle Rock."
I will let all of you know how it goes. What I know I do love already is they grow all of their own ingredience to alot of their dishes in the garden!