Monday, May 19, 2014

Brittney's Bridal Shower Tea Party & Gift Ideas

When it comes to Bridal showers. I always know that I have my gift bag covered. If you didn't know I sell tote bags in my etsy shop. Check them out here:
As for what goes inside of the tote bags.. I have to do a lot of hunting. I like practical gifts. Things that can be used either daily, or to help with the wedding. The couple plans to build a tiny home, so there is only so much lingerie that one lady can have.

This "Pretty Things Inside" tote bag is available in my shop for $15.00. It is a great conversation starter. Everyone wants to know what is inside! Available HERE.
These adorable coffee mugs are perfect for couples photos. They are available at AllieRuth's Etsy shop for $25.00.
These custom made 'Lucky Pennies' are made by AlwaysAMemory (My mom's shop) for $34.00. A perfect keepsake to bring luck to their future as husband and wife.
I had a failed attempt. I purchased a custom return address stamp for the couple to use for their 'Thank You' cards. Unfortunately Brittney's name was mis-spelled in the proof that I was sent and I didn't notice. :(
Lastly chocolate, and rose champagne are perfectly paired for a relaxing night in.

Brittney's Bridal Shower was a tea party theme. As you can tell, we had such a good time. 
May you always have walls for the winds, a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near you, and all your heart might desire.
- An Irish Blessing

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day Part 2 -- Sunriver, Oregon Adventures

Wayne and I had been recently talking about driving out to the desert with my mom. She is always looking for excuses to hop in the car and just drive. I knew she had to see Sunriver, and it is so close to so many awesome places! It would be our little hub. My sister and I split the deal, and my mom got to have all of her kids, and grand kids under one roof for 2 nights. I knew that alone would mean something to her even if we did nothing at all.
First stop: Fort Rock
It is 1 hour from Sunriver, and well worth the drive. The views leave you speechless.. The wind on the other hand left us whip-lashed. The museum is seasonal, and we were not able to enter. I am not sure we would have spent too much time in there anyways.. The wind was FREEZING!
On the way back we spotted Newberry National Volcanic Monument (AKA Newbarry Caldera). We were suddenly in a winter wonderland! 
Once back in Sunriver, we went to the lava caves, and then back to the house to BBQ.
I've decided that a 2 night trip anywhere is not enough. The first night is spent figuring out what the plan is or the next day. Run around all day, and go to bed planning your departure. You really only get 1 day to see everything. So we plan to go back! :) It was a wonderful adventure. I know my mama had a good time. Her shop just blew up as did mine, so we needed a break from the stresses of being a single person mass producer. This was just what the doctor ordered.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mother's Day Part 1 -- Florence, Oregon Adventures

Wayne's mom is a simple woman who is always making sure everyone else is taken care of. We give her grief from time to time because it seems like we are never able to do anything special for her because she only wants to do what ever you want to do. She is fine with eating what ever you want to eat. Sounds like the perfect wife, and mother! WELL on Mother's Day. It is your day.. She mentioned taking Kola to the beach. When we got Kola, her previous owner told us that she LOVES the beach and went often. This was our first chance to see how she reacts to the ocean. The poor girl is scared of baths, and the hose.. So naturally you would think she would be scared of the ocean. NOPE! She ran right in!
We have driven through the historic old town part of Florence, Oregon before but never got to stop and explore. We knew that was a MUST on the agenda! We found a lot of businesses to be closed on a Saturday though.. I thought that was strange. Old Town is a must to visit though. Cute shops, cafes, and restaurants. We ate at the famous Moe's for lunch, checked out a ton of antique stores, got ice cream, coffee, and sushi (her favorite) to-go for dinner!

I love celebrating Mom's, and in doing that we get to explore and visit new places! Thank you to both of our Mom's. Next week is my mom's adventure weekend! Can't wait!