Friday, June 29, 2012

Sonoma Escape

Here is some cabin porn for all of us 'small living' wannabes (like me).

This magical escape home is located in Northern California by the architect/designer Olle Lundberg. The house is constructed from reclaimed materials salvaged from office buildings. The home is also LEED compliant. Mr. Lundberg's weekend cabin just happens to be the same design i'd like our small house to be. Big windows in front, pitched roof, and open upstairs loft. Big porch, and wood burning stove, and don't forget that garden! It is wonderful. I do not care for the hot tub, or pool very much, but they have the right idea, and It feels like they took it right out of my head. There are a few things different, kind of like a vague dream. I hope you enjoy my cabin quest, and I can't wait to see and show you what we end up building!
Check out the Sonoma Escape House on Apartment Therapy.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Outdoor Movie Night Inspiration!

I came across both these outdoor movie night ideas in the last few days.. With summer finally here I thought it is the perfect time to give you inspiration to get your family outdoors and have some fun! Oh Happy Day blog created DIY Marquee signs for their family backyard movie nights. A fun way to tell everyone to head out back! They even made all of us a template! This looks time consuming(They say 45 minutes per letter), but could be used in a kids room or in a den on a shelf after the party is over! Sounds worth it to me. They also have another post on movie night food ideas. See that here! That is where I picked up both the popcorn, and drink photos below!
See Oh Happy Day's tutorial here! Now that you are inspired.. Plan your next outdoor party and have fun!
The outdoor movie photo with lawn chairs came from sfgirlbybay blog- See here. Other DIY movie screen photo source- Here.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Coworkers DIY Succulent Garden

Last month my sweet co-worker who I call "Pumpkin Spice", "Starfish", or "Vanilla Bean" came to me asking what she should do for her grandmother's 90th birthday. I was stumped.. I was of no help, but then I came home and blogged about DIY Succulent Projects! I instantly messaged her and gave her the idea of buying vintage ceramic items at a thrift store, and making a succulent garden.. She said this project is perfect because she has a tons of her grandmas vintage glassware that her grandma didn't have room for anymore but she cared about them a lot.. They have been in the family, and she is really happy that they went to a home that would care for them. I told her how easy the project is. I gave her pebbles and shells we picked up on our recent beach trip, and told her where to pick up the succulents. She was happy to bring the glassware out of storage, and show her grandma what she created. Today was her birthday, and these photo's showed up in my inbox! I am very excited for "Starfish" and her 90 year old grandma. She gave a vintage item new life (literally)! I was also excited to inspire someone to make something sweet for someone they love.
Check out her photo tutorial, and I hope this project inspires you to bring new life to something sitting in storage!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Farm To Table Event!

There is a big Farm To Table event going on in Dayton, Oregon on July 22nd from 5-8pm! See the link here! $35 includes admission, live music, hors d’oeuvres, refreshments and raffle entry.
AgriCurean Escapes Portland Launch Party
This is something I have wanted to do since... I started caring where my food comes from. I am sharing this because there should be a connection to your food, and the person who grew and harvested it for you. This is a chance to mingle with the 'makers', and a great way to experience a piece of wine country. These events sell out fast.. Buy your tickets now. : )

P.s. Family members- Can we have one giant family gathering like this someday?! Kristy's- Wedding?

Photos by Andrea Wyner Photography

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dream State Etsy Shop- Now Open!

My Etsy shop is officially open for business. At the moment I have just 4 designs up. I will have much more available soon. I also only have one style of bag available due to the other being out of stock by the supplier. As soon as that is available again, I will have all of the designs available in 2 different style bags! This is just the beginning. I also have other ideas up my sleeve.. I wanted to tell you followers that I do have a coupon code just for you! It is free shipping for domestic orders only. Expiration date is July 1st.
Go to my Etsy shop here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Awtrey House Bed and Breakfast

Summer is just about here and it is time to start having regular adventures! Does anyone have $345 to spend on a single night at a bed and breakfast? I sure as hell don't, but if I did this is the place I would go! The Awtrey House is run by a former NBA player- Dennis Awtrey on Neahkahnie Mountain. This is the mountain in the background of many Wayne and I's photos we have taken in Manzanita Oregon. For over 100 years Neahkahnie has been known for its Northwest architecture and artist community. The house was constructed by the world acclaimed architect, James Cutler. There is only one other place in the world you can stay in a Jim Cutler design, and that is in Ketchikan, Alaska. Cutler's designs are not about style; they're all about site. He saw that this specific site had the potential for spectacular intimacy with the ocean.
"Gaze at the hypnotic Pacific Ocean from your private terrace; marvel at a blanket of stars from your luxurious king-size bed; sigh at the sun setting over the ocean while you soak in a deep, relaxing bath; watch the shadows play on the wood beams of your soaring ceilings, board-formed concrete walls and fascinating architectural details; wake to the morning sunlight filtering through walls of clear and frosted glass; and at your leisure, enjoy a full course breakfast prepared by your hosts with local Northwest fare."
Check out the website here and book your stay!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Stamp Carving

In my last stamp carving tutorial (see that here), I said I would come up with a smaller stamp.. I made a 'Thank You' stamp, and a 'cross vine' stamp. The 'cross vine' stamp size was based on my over sized gift tags. I wanted a stamp that I could write next to, and they would compliment each other. I wanted something I can use for my Etsy shop (which will be opening soon). They were both actually quite simple to make. This time around I used the exact same shape and size of the original "thank you" flag that I made on my last tutorial (see here). Instead of the stamp text being carved out- leaving the background exposed.. This time I made the text raised as a stamp normally is. The cross vine design is something that I have showed you a couple of time in the bag designs. I want to keep a consistent theme. : )

I've showed you how to carve stamps a couple of times. I will spare myself this time. What I will tell you is that if you are looking for a craft project that is relaxing.. Go for it! Carving stamps brings satisfaction, and you completely focus all of your energy on one thing, and that is not too carve too deep- Just a little bit at a time. When you step back and look at what you created, it is wonderful! It is fun to see the final product stamped because you created it completely backwards, and to see it in the right direction changes your perspective of the stamp all together.
Now get stamping!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Message To You Followers

I announced the winners of Dream State's first birthday giveaway on facebook. Those two ladies sent their information my way, and hopefully if I make a shout out they will take a photo or two when the custom hand stamped garden stakes are in the ground. ; ) I update regularly on facebook! So do make sure to follow me there (shortcut link here)! I also wanted to share that I am having slight technical difficulties getting my shop up and running, but I did want to show you followers what I have completed so far. This is just a few of the bags I have completed. My photo shoot went just as planned. I know I have a few family members that are excited to see what I have up my sleeve so here it is guys! I am planning on at least 7 more designs. Very exciting stuff! If you are on Etsy add me to your circle, and favorites so you will be up to date when the shop  is officially open (link to my etsy page). I will announce a shop opening discount code for you followers- In case you know a bride in need of  'Welcome' Gift bags this summer. Also available are eco-friendly reusable gift bags for any occasion. The idea for the shop is to have a simple but elegant look. Nothing too complicated, with a simple message.
I am anxious to see what will come in the near future, and thanks for joining me in the adventure!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wind-Up Butterfly Party Favors

I don't make posts about kids projects very often. Well... because I don't have any. But I find this one to be so cute and fun to do for a girls birthday party. I had to share the idea with you. I found this adorable idea on You Are My Fave blog. It was a guest post from Amelia of The Homebook blog. Her aunt made her a wind up butterfly when she was 10 or 11 and she still thought about it till this day. She did the research, and learned how to do it herself..

How it works: You wind-up the two top wings, and you twist them- it twists the rubber band in the center. As you twist the rubber band the tension gets stronger and the butterfly flies further. 

My idea is for a girls birthday is you can have these sitting all over the house- without showing the girls how it works. As soon as she opens up that book you got her/or birthday card, the butterfly that is wound up and held down inside will fly out! How exciting is that? Then when presents are all done they will spend the rest of the day playing with butterflies, and a great gift to send them home with!
Go to You Are My Fave's post here to learn how to make this fun girls project yourself!