Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Some Inspirational Paintings by Kelli Murray

I really love the style of Kelli Murray's paintings. She has some darker work that I dont like as much. The majority of paintings really give you the feeling of happiness, and resemble childlike innocence in a "hip" way. On her Blog she draws her lookbook photoshoot outfits. It is adorable but a little too self consumed. It is an interesting concept I wish I would have thought of 10 years ago. Look at her blog though- Her baby nursery painting is AMAZING!



  1. I'm a fan of the artwork! Very unique style. :P

  2. Oh yes, this is Matt in case you didn't know. and in case you don't remember who Matt is.. It's Kristy's Eldest son. :P

  3. Hey Matthew! Thanks for fallowing. I amg oing to keep my eye on your blog too : )