Friday, October 5, 2012

Homestead Search Adventures

Just got back from an adventure down south to look at a property. It was such a quick trip I was hardly able to take many photos. All I know is I am already looking forward to going back. We saw Table Rock, Mt. McLoughlin, and zipped through Ashland Oregon... That was a mistake. I wanted to walk around, and take photos of everything! Downtown 2 deer jumped in front of our car! Of all of the people, of all of the cars it was ours. It had an effect on us.. Deer roaming through the towns streets : )
We stayed at a lodge, and arrived late, and left early so I didn't capture anything. So I will wait to elaborate on our non existent staycation- Till next time- When I have photos.
We liked the property we looked at as our possible future "Homestead". You cross a single lane covered bride to get there. BONUS points in my book. : ) As soon as we rolled up a fox ran right out of the property and into the neighbors. It sat at stared at us.. Giving us the " What do you think you are doing" look. Once again, another animal that had an effect on us. Neither one of us has seen a fox before. Everyone we told the story to- said "If there is a fox- you for sure have to keep your chickens in a cage". : ( Speaking of chickens.. Recently we took Wayne's Mah to Naomi's Organic Farm Supply store where we were greeted by the oddest chicken! It thought it was a GOAT. It would run at you sideways, and gently ram its head at you. Walk away- Run sideways- and Ram! Unreal! I have not seen anything like it before. Hilarious to watch.. We walked away, and that little boy getting out of the van in the picture below got pecked, and started screaming his head off. It is a fun memory.. One I am happy I documented. We need to go back, and take a video.
It has been a busy month for me- So I apologize for the lack of posts. I am constantly always trying to catch up on orders in my shop- Especially if I have plans coming up.. Then I am nowhere to be found online.
I hope you enjoyed my adventures. Hopefully it works out with this property, and we can get things rolling. I would love to document the steps as we go. : ) "Homestead from Scratch".

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