Saturday, January 4, 2014

SUNRIVER - A Great Start to the New Year

Wayne has a friend visiting from Hawaii and he and his fine lady wanted us to come out to Sunriver to catch up on things. We have also been dying to go out to the observatory! Having watched 4 Seasons of The History Channel's "The Universe" (so far). We have been looking for an opportunity just like this. You also can't beat the views both of snowy mountains, and perfect starry nights.
Our visit was a blast. Great food, and company. We had intellectual conversations with a side of sparkling wine and a movie night. My kind of people!
We showed up for the solar viewing to see the sun up close, and we had just missed a solar flare an hour earlier but could still see remnants of it. The photo of the sun is the photo that the Observatory at Sunriver posted on their facebook page. I couldn't help but share exactly what I saw! 
These are also photos from their facebook page down below. I couldn't capture the mind blowing experience in my camera without a tripod, but wanted you to see exactly how beautiful the view was(I'll be more prepared next time).
Visit the Observatories website HERE.


  1. Hey, we were at that Observatory just about a week prior! :) Love the Nature Center.

    1. Hey Jen!
      I have yet to go to the nature center. We had such a quick trip.. I can't wait to go back and explore the area some more! :)