Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine's Day Goodies

I am sending some goodies out to the ones I love, and my old co-workers. There is only 9 days till Valentine's Day! Here is what I have in store for them:
Rifle Paper Co. post cards. I was having a bad day, and saw these.. I just had to get them. Knowing they were on their way to me made my bad day better! I then searched around for some organic candy to send with these adorable cards. I found Surf Sweets fruity candy hearts. Read up on them HERE. I bought 60 bags! Perfect! Now if I can just send them out before I eat them all.
Hopefully I can inspire some of you to spread the love ALL AROUND. This world needs more love in it. It can cure so many things. ♥ There is still plenty of time to plan.

I also wanted to share the Valentine's day tote bags that I made this year. Check out my shop! Lots of new products have been listed lately.

Tomorrow we are expecting MORE snow.

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