Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Our 5 Year Anniversary

Wayne and I are not married.. You wouldn't know it though based on how we spent our 5 year anniversary. We wanted to take a trip somewhere.. But the weather sucks. So we thought we would hold off on that, and maybe just do dinner and a movie. We haven't been to a movie in a long time. Just before we were supposed to get ready to leave.. We started talking about what we need to do around the houses, and to improve the yard. Basically how to get rid of some of this mud/dirt. We got all excited on these ideas.. We were going to take our DAY OLD truck to the store and buy the supplies that we need for the new projects. That's right.. We just bought a new (old) workhorse truck, and spent our 5 year anniversary in the lumber yard! I kill me. I brought a camera with us, because I thought that our hilarious 5 year anniversary should be documented.. Our house and ideas are too important to care about a silly date that we were only going to go on because we "had" to do something for our anniversary. I say... Just plan a trip! I like to look forward to things!
For now we work, and get joy out of the action of improving our landscape.

We completed our gravel walkway!

..and a retaining wall for the driveway. We had gravel delivered to level it out, and get rid of the mud! Yay, progress! I am also planting new grass, and we got a wood splitter to help us out with all of this wood! The loggers said they guess that we have 40 cords of wood.



  1. 40 Cords of wood is romantic in the winter! I love your gravel path. We have had so much rain and snow this year our gravel is being swallowed up by the mud. We have hardly any gravel left! Eek! Congrats on 5 years! Planning a trip sounds like a blast. I suggest Puerto Rico!

  2. Date. Shmate. Celebrate everyday! I know you do. <3