Monday, November 7, 2011

Personalised Gifts This Christmas

I got this idea from Pinterest. Have you seen it(click here)?
Personalised Kids Fort Kits! My version is a screenprinted drawstring backpack, instead of a iron-on flocked vinyl laundry bag. I am going to fill it with a dark flat sheet, clamps, rope, grommets on the ends, flashlight/small lantern. I might even screenprint glow in the dark stars on the sheets if I find the time. I completed a second bag for my other nephew. Those photos I will have to post up in a few days. I just rememeber making forts out of anything! Stack up books, blankets over the back of chairs, make a tunnel by draping a blanket from the back of the couch across the front, and just think there will be two kits full of supplies to tear apart my sisters house(hehehe). It is going to be a great Christmas. I want to try to make and personalise every gift this year. I just hope I started early enough! I will post more photos soon!
If you have any suggestions on what I could add to the fort kit. Do tell me!


  1. I love it! This is awesome! Christina loves building forts and playing in them.

  2. I always loved making tunnels. Use couch cushions, tables, backs of chairs, stacked books. Now televisions are so portable... You can watch movies inside! Let the fun begin. It would be a fun themed birthday party too.