Friday, December 23, 2011

The time is just about up..

This is your last day of running around. I hope everyone is done with the hunt. I am hoping some of you bought things locally sourced or handmade. Possibly made things yourselves. The only way to keep the economy okay here is to help eachother out. We would be more sustainable as a community if we encouraged and supported people in the area to want to make their own products. Also it is alot more fun to personalize gifts. They can be of $5 value but specific for that one person. I have some Ideas I will be sharing with you as soon as I get home from my parents, and Wayne's mamas house. Knowing it is too late to plan making things for Christmas now.. The New Year will bring housewarming parties, Valentines Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries. So many things to keep us busy, and always hunting for that perfect gift. Keep it simple. Not a single one of us wants our jobs overseas. Also the majority of us don't need more "stuff". Buy a gift certificate to a local chain of hotels, Plan a road trip-(gas card, map with everything drawn out). One new years I had to work till 11pm and I came home and everything was dark except a fireplace on the TV. Wayne had found a crackling fireplace on youtube(link) and put it on a playlist on repeat. Sitting infront of the glowing TV was Veuve Cliquot champagne on ice! We stayed up watching the fireplace, and fell asleep to fireworks outside. It is so easy to make someone feel special. The goal is to be thoughtful. Those are the things people remember most..
Happy Holidays!
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