Friday, March 9, 2012

The Lodge At Suttle Lake Adventure!

Well friends, I just got back from a 3 day weekend! I can't express how much fun I had. I wanted to stay forever. I have never been anywhere in the snow like this. Never been in a cabin with snow all over the place, and a fireplace all cozied up. It was wonderful. We went to my favorite area of Oregon, and stayed in a cozy creekside cabin at The Lodge At Suttle Lake called Kokanee. I highly recommend staying there no matter the weather! We got up there towards the end of a nasty snow storm, and spent the next 3 days watching everything melt. We went to Sisters, Oregon and walked around looking at shops, and had lunch, and coffee. Went over to Camp Sherman, the fish hatchery, and then hiked to the head of the Metolius River(which was a new one for me). I have spent quite some time in this area, and the whole adventure felt brand new. I miss it there. I feel a connection to it, and it won't go away for some reason. It may be a sign that maybe someday I will live there. I can handle the snow, it's the wild fires that scare me. Anyways back to the adventure.. The Resort Lobby has a small bar for 4 people, which was perfect because they gave us drink tickets to use from 4:30-6pm. My dad, brother, Wayne and I hopped over there and clearly filled up the bar drinking free tasty beer, and hor devours. Since me and Wayne both work in the industry we taught some family members something- Tip your housekeeper, and your bartender-especially when it is free. So now all of you know. Me and Wayne watched the sun set on the beach, and we all went back and got warm by the indoor, and outdoor fireplaces. We ended both nights watching movies that we got from the front desk for free. As everything was coming to an end, none of us wanted to leave. There is so much we could still do! So we plan to come back next month, and in the summer! And since I am technically telling all of you you have to check out the resort for yourselves, You can also hop on over to their facebook page here-'like' their facebook page, and write on their wall that I (my facebook page) recommended you to it so we can both be entered to get a free stay! Also while you are at it 'like' Dream State's facebook page here.

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