Saturday, March 31, 2012

Update: Vanilla Extract Is Completed!

The Organic Vanilla Extract is Complete! See my tutorial here on how to make the extract. It took 2 months! The adorable amber bottles have been collecting dust(bought them on Amazon). Wayne got on photoshop and made the labels the perfect size for me, and tiled them to fill the page. They look great huh? I went with a vintage style. The project is for personal use only. I am not going to be selling these bottles. So I will tell you that I did take the label idea from Eat Drink Chic's DIY Free Vintage Apothecary Labels download. Once downloaded I screenshotted it, and deleted everything but the border, and the two lines that strike through the center. I wouldn't have been able to do this project and make it so cute without her free label download. So full credit to Amy Moss for that!
I filtered the vanilla extract with two layers of cheesecloth inside my tea kettle's loose leaf tea insert over a jar(it fit inside the jar perfectly somehow). Once the jar was full- I funneled the extract into each bottle. Rinsed the bottles, and dried them. Then carefully placed the label on the bottles. The labels were printed on sticker label paper-Full sheets(got mine at Amazon). We cut the labels out by hand for the vintage look to make rounded corners.
Other than the fact that I have an endless supply of homemade gifts, I now have tons organic vanilla extract for all baking needs! 
I just purchased more organic vodka. The key to keeping the extract going, and getting better and better with time is leaving a quarter of the jar full of extract and just adding more vodka as you take it out. Leave the original seeds, and vanilla beans in there and keep the rotation going. Don't forget to shake the jars one to two times a week!


  1. Great tutorial, I'm currently making vanilla extract as christmas gift for friends and was wondering what size bottles you used?

    // Birdie Shoots

    1. They are 4oz bottles. Here is the link to Amazon where I bought them. :)