Friday, April 6, 2012

DIY Open Shelf Spice Rack + Re-Use Glass Bottles

Wayne and I have been saving glass bottles for some time trying to find some way to use them. Especially our Spectrum walnut oil jars. They look like old milk bottles. He came up with this idea all on his lonesome. We buy bulk organic spices, so we had tons of bags in our spice cupboard. He had been on the hunt for cheap corks for a long time. When we went into the homestead supply store in Sellwood (See that post here) he saw tons of corks there! None of them were the right size though. The manager told us where they order them locally. So while I was at work one day Wayne ran over to the shop. It is a Home Brewing supply company called F.H. Steinbart Co.. The corks cost a dollar a piece- size 13. For a DIY project that is quite cheap!
We soak our walnut oil jars in water and take off the label. There is a really thick glue on the outside, so we use odorless mineral spirits to get it off and run it through the dishwasher, you can use a 'goo off' also. We then funnel the spices into the bottles and cork them! There- We are re-using glass bottles, and also organizing our spices in a way that isn't quite so hideous. We both love open shelves so this is great for our plan to have a tiny house and tiny kitchen someday.
We now have a beautiful organized open shelf spice rack! We also organize our bulk wild rice, and brown rice in jars too. So this is great for organizing your pantry! I also bought clear labels if we ever get enough where we can't tell what is what. So I can print those off in a cute font when ever we need them. : )


  1. Love this idea. The bottles look great!

    1. Thank you! Very simple and only makes sense to re-use the bottles of products we blow right through. : )

  2. Open Rack is a best option so that air can easily pass through the servers