Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shop Local & Make Homemade Gifts!

Merry Wednesday everyone! You are half way there! I don't talk about it much but according to MY workweek.. It is Saturday. We went on a long walk today, I was bad and had non organic(I know..I know..) ice cream (on the plus side supported a local cafe?). I am making up for this by having a super healthy dinner. : )
I am trying to catch up on blogs while Wayne cooks, and came across this "Thank You" gift from You Are My Fave! A homemade loaf of bread wrapped in a dish towel/ribbon/gift tag, and homemade jelly or jam.
See You Are My Fave's homemade gift giving blog post here!

It should be more of the little things in life that take 'care', and 'attention'. They should be appreciated, not just something we ran to the store to buy last second. But something that someone made with you in mind. I find those to be the sweet moments in life. I try to put time, and energy in my gift giving. I love giving, I get excited about it. So as I go on with our garden planning. I want to incorporate what I grow into homemade gifts. The important part is that someone doesn't just see my gift as a product that was just planted there on a shelf that I bought, but as something that took months to grow, and prepare. Most Americans don't recognize the physical energy that is put into anything they buy, because we don't make anything ourselves anymore.
I hope to inspire change in the way you see products. Look at the price tag.. That says a lot about the product. If you know you are getting a 'deal'. There is a reason and you know it! You are paying for a product made in a sweat shop, you are supporting a corporation that shipped American jobs over seas. You support unsustainability because it had to be shipped by barge over seas, and still that tank top only costs $5.99? How is that possible? You need to change the way you think. I know money is tight.. But support local where ever you can! We need eachother. That is how great change will happen. Think about your food. Why buy apples from New Zealand, when you can buy them from Washington State. Plus the food is fresher! You support the companies you buy from. You support their unsustainable corporation and expansion to eliminate your ma' and pa' stores. Supporting corporate chains hurts your own local community. Shop Etsy, Shop at your local co-op, restaurants, health food stores, local farmer's booths, kids lemonade stands. Do what you can to help, and support your neighbor. We need change. We need to unite as Americans, and put love into everything we do. With all the money you would save by making gifts (instead of buying expensive unappreciated plastic crap), You can now shop local!

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