Thursday, July 5, 2012

DIY Tissue Paper Pom Poms!

I purchased a hand full of different color tissue papers thinking I would come up with some party supplies to fill my Etsy shop with. While playing around with the tissue paper, I decided on making a tissue paper pom pom for my shop photos. I wanted to add a little something to the photos. I learned how to make the Pom Poms from Marth Stewart- See link here. After I made my first tissue paper pom pom.. I was in awe with how easy the process is! It would make a great Craft Party Project. You could whip up tons of these for a future special occasion with multiple people at work. Anything from a baby shower to a wedding! I have even thought of making them for both my young niece, and cousins. You can hang different shades of pom poms in their favorite colors above their beds like a mobile. I have seen people actually use them as mobiles in nurseries. They look adorable. See Pinterest for inspiration here.

So here is how:
I used 12 pieces of 12 x 18 inch tissue paper in this blue pom pom. In the previous pink pom pom- I used 8. Using 8 pieces came out more like a flower. This one with the 12 pieces turned out very full. I like the look of the 8 pieces better. I also held my tissue paper together in the center with a twist tie. You can use anything really.. You wont be able to see it. Also note that you can make much larger poms poms with 20 x 30 inch pieces of tissue paper instead.
Step one: Stack your tissue paper so that they are even on all sides. Then start folding 1 1/2-inch-wide accordion folds, creasing with each fold.
Step two: Once the tissue paper is all folded like an accordion, Use what ever you have around the house to hold the center together. My twist ties worked perfectly.
Step three: You can either cut the ends in a rounded shape- for a more petal look, or make them pointy like a sunflower. Turn the tissue paper sideways and spread the paper out like a fan.
Step four: One by one on the top- grab one side of the top tissue paper piece and lift it up. With the other hand hold the others down to easily separate each piece.
Be very careful lifting up each tissue paper. It is very delicate. This second photo below is what the bottom looks like before you pull and separate the tissue on the bottom half. You can leave it this way if you plan on using these on a flat surface like a tabletop decoration.
Now you are all done! crazy how easy this is! They sell these on Etsy for $4.50 a piece for a larger version. 

I am using my tissue paper pom poms to add a little girly touch to my bridal bags in My Etsy Shop!

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