Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tiny Cabin Inspiration, and Update.

Dear Bloglandia,
I want you to know I haven't forgotten you! My shop has been blowing up. It IS wedding season, also happens to be the best time for me to be outdoors! It is tough to sacrifice my oh so rare sunshine. Me and my Deer ; ) have been going for run/walks and going to the farmers market near our house every Thursday. Wednesday is usually our day of running around, and every other day of the week I am working on prints after work, and going to the post office. The extra money in the wallet is something worth smiling about by itself! The idea of being in a new home in the next year(ish) feels so close! We have everything pretty much worked out in our heads, as long as we are just able to find desirable land.. That has been our setback this entire time! As soon as we get there it is going to be Dream State Blog Land! I will be making How-To's, time lapse videos, and regular garden tip updates. Maybe even advice on sharing a micro cabin.. There will be so much material I won't even know where to start! Let me give all of us some tiny cabin inspiration from my "My Tiny Dream Home" Board on Pinterest. (Follow me on Pinterest Here!)

1st set- here & here.
2nd set- here and here.
3rd set- here and here.


  1. Congrats on getting closer to being in a new home! It was just a short while ago that I was in your same position, and now I'm living in the middle of the woods in a small house and loving it :)

    1. That is inspiring, it feels very close! Thank you!