Friday, August 31, 2012

Country Life Here We Come!

Just got back into town from being on one of the longest(distance), and quickest adventures I think I have ever been on. We found a property we wanted to look at in Southern Oregon- Where the sun shines 300 days a year. I found a lodge and cabin resort right on the Rogue River in Grants Pass for us to stay at called Weasku Inn. It was beautiful. We loved it.. (Minus the little girl screaming during the continental breakfast in the dining area). I couldn't believe the hot hot sun, and so many rivers! Everything we went to was associated with water. Which makes sense in a hot place- The area is so much like Eastern Oregon. Sisters Oregon has always been a place I could for sure call home- or would love to, but with the resort on the river, and the creek and the year round fishing, the cabins, great weather.. I could now call this a place I would love to live.  Grants Pass reminds me of Eugene.. The attitude, organic markets, and cafes. We went into the local organic coffee shop- Rogue Coffee Roasters, Sat down, and one guy was telling another gentleman all about cancer- and how your attitude is half of what kills you. Me and Wayne are looking at each other- going, "Oh my god!- Do you hear this?!" We were so excited that these guys were awake early sitting in a local organic cafe having in intellectual conversation about the importance of health, and energy. Dear Grants Pass, Thank you for being so awesome!
To sum up the trip- we ate entirely organic- which is extremely impossible when we leave home, and aren't able to prepare every meal ourselves. We were impressed with the selection of health food stores, we grabbed lunch and sat by the Rogue River, ran around and looked at 5 or 6 properties- 2 of which were near the Applegate river- which we fell in love with instantly.. It was the clearest river.. So damn beautiful.. It is almost a selling point for both of those properties- just to be near it. We stopped at a couple historic buildings on the way down to take pictures. One property was just passed a single lane covered bridge.. Now that area is beautiful too. We stopped and saw my grandma who lives down south- that was nice to sit and chit chat- I had no idea she was so political. We have the same views as far as bringing every last troop home and defending home base. I loved it. We are planning to set up an appointment and look at more properties soon. There is also so many things we want to see and do down there- So more adventures are coming soon. : )
Hope you enjoy my adventure, and I am excited to show you the entire transition from our complex and stressful urban concrete jungle to "country" life.


  1. From Kristy.. I told you to see the Applegate and you did. This looks like the perfect HOUSE for Wade and I. Want! Want!

    1. It is cheap cheap too! A fixer upper, but very private. Also just down the driveway from the Applegate River... It was beautiful!