Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jack of All Trades

I wanted to share what my sweet has been working on. He picked up some leather 1 week ago, and this is the outcome So far! We recently went to my grandpas house, where we saw that he has a very old axe, and hatchet, both held together with electrical tape, and very rusty. It was a sight that Wayne could not handle, and I understood (My dad is a logger). The day we got home, I ordered grandpa a new Husqvarna swedish forest axe, and Wayne wanted to make him a sheath. We bought some stamps to carve his initials into the handle, but it didn't really work out. Wayne also tried to stamp the leather, once again a failed attempt.. While I have been slaving away printing bags for rushed Christmas orders, Wayne has been hammering, and cutting away. I bet the neighbors are not stoked, but if they saw what we have been working on I think they would be impressed. : ) I sure am! I think grandpa will be impressed also. Wayne hasn't grown up with a grandpa around, so I think he has accepted my G-pa as his own. My grandpa always runs over to Wayne also. I think he really likes to talk with him, and Wayne appreciates wisdom from an elder. I also want to note that this sheath making skill could lead up to a new Etsy shop in the future. Wayne is a jack of all trades I swear...
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