Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DIY Wedding Day Survival Kit

My sister just had a bridal shower. I have been in the wedding industry since last June, and I was completely stumped as to what you get a girl for a bridal shower! I even 'googled' what to get someone for a bridal shower as compared to a wedding gift. Is it supposed to be expensive? Is it for the couple? Is it a naughty girl party? I talked with my coworker about ideas.. She said bridal shower gifts are not a big deal, I wouldn't stress it. My first thought, and response was, "It is called a shower! It is completely focused around her sitting down and opening gifts!" I am working two jobs.. I am very tight on time. I am spinning around in circles! My imagination goes wild but what do I have time for? I knew I had to incorporate my shop somehow.. I started with the Bridal bag, and it instantly hit me that I should make her a wedding day survival bag! This is fun for her party! Lots of goodies to ensure that nothing goes wrong on her big day.
I hope I can give you confused folk an idea to work off of! This project can be as cheap, or expensive as you want. It can be elaborate or very simple.
Here is some suggestions of supplies to get you started, and you can find them just about anywhere!


  1. Ohh I need this in my life! Thank you for the advice but, as I'm in the UK, I may have to make one myself (although it wont be nearly as pretty!)

    1. Hehe! I thought it was a fun idea, and found so many different variations of Bridal survival kits online. I figured- I should make my own. You can make one specific to the person you are giving it to/for yourself. Your favorite snacks, beverage of choice. Things that make YOU happy, especially on your special day.

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  4. The last thing you'd want on your wedding day is a wedding day disaster, like a wardrobe malfunction. This kit you have practically has everything a bride-to-be will need on her day of days! This is a great collection, and what I particularly liked is the mending kit. You'll never know when you'll have to sew something up before the march. And the bag is simply elegant. Thanks for the tips! Hope to see more in the future!

    Caroll @ celestinabridal.com

  5. Love this! That bag is so cute though! Did you DIY it or buy it?

    1. Hey Kal,
      I actually sell the bag, or bag and tag combo in my Etsy Shop. Available here:


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  7. Hey wow that's so awesome!! I just came across your blog when I was looking for something that I could give as a gift to my best friend on her wedding. She's getting married next month and since I'm kind of short on budget I was thinking of checking out a survival kit to give her on her bridal shower. I read your blog and the ideas are great. Now I'm thinking of making one myself. Thanks a lot.

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