Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Break with the Ter Bear

Happy Easter everyone! I wanted to share that we found time from our busy schedules to meet up with the Ter Bear. We had a delicious (as always) home cooked Easter/Spring dinner after a long day of working, a long drive, and touring another property. It was just what we needed. Unfortunately I was too consumed and intrigued with the feast, I forgot to take pictures! The desert you must hear about though! We had vanilla bean ice cream in martini glasses with a dash of cream de menthe liqueur drizzled on top! It was lime green and vibrant, and perfect for our Easter dinner desert! The man sure knows how to entertain. I am taking notes. hehe
On to the DAMN property search... (haha) We found THE dream house, but I am losing faith, and every hopeful bone in my body. I can't wait any longer. We need to start this next chapter, and fast! This weather sure isn't helping either! I am hoping to have good news in my next post about the property search, but the way things have been going... We could be doing this forever.

Send good vibes, prayers, anything you've got. I beggith! :) Thank you! Now get out there and enjoy this spring (more like summer) weather!

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