Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cabin Update: The Cabin Interior is Finished!

In my last cabin update I said that Wayne was working on figuring out some custom shelving for added storage. He made a kitchenette/desk, and we put a shelf in the "closet" that had sitting around looking for a home. It worked out perfectly.

We found a loveseat sofa bed sleeper that folds out into a double size bed, a mini refrigerator, and some small kitchen appliances, Also found some matching curtains for all of the windows.

Now for the deck! Wayne finished the deck in 2 days( I love this man.)!

You can see how much our weather changes from day to day!

And the moment we have all been waiting for.. The move-in!

Next Wayne will be building some steps down to the lawn. The stepping stones and "ramp" off the edge are temporary because of all of the recent storms we have had!

I am happy everything is finally coming together! ♥

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