Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I put together some treat bags for my nephews, niece, and cousins. Our family has an annual pumpkin carving day, and I have not been able to attend for quite a few years. I was super excited to finally not have a job that holds me back from attending! Time to celebrate! I brought the young fella's in the family apple cider beers, and the kids goody bags full of gummy bugs and body parts. I got all of the kids together to take their pictures. I was snapping away, and got some cute shots. I looked down and I had forgotten my memory card! I nearly had a breakdown. So all of the pictures of the festivities came from my mom and my aunt (I am still kicking myself). We had a lot of fun though. YAY to tradition and Happy Halloween!

I made a bat garland a couple of years ago for my mom. It is still in great condition, and my mom uses it every year! Check out that DIY Here.

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