Saturday, June 7, 2014

Today is Our 1 Year Move-In Anniversary

Today is our 1 year move-in Anniversary, and as for our Homestead Updates:
The grass is thickening up real nice. Wayne built a wood shed(and filled it up already), 2 garden beds, a gravel box around the hose, extended the tiny home's deck an extra 2 feet, and started on a new fence. We bought over 100 pine trees to get things filled in nicely again too. The inside of the home got all new living room furniture, and a chopping block for our kitchen island. Sweet Liberating Progress.

This is our Before photo:
Old photos are refreshing. They remind us how far we have come, and I hope the photos I took today will be reminders of what this place 'used to look like' as well.

Our next projects are a new lower 200 sq ft deck, re-siding the lower part of the house with stone paneling, getting dirt delivered to level out and bury tree debris(so we can replant new trees), build 2 more garden planters, and 1-2 more wood sheds. Lastly fixing our gawd awful driveway.
The plans are endless, but chipping them away one thing at a time.. We get a lot done real quickly!


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