Sunday, June 29, 2014

Brittney's Happily Ever After Starts Here

We had a Pre-Wedding Spa Day. It was AAAmazing... Steam room, facials, foot soaks, shower body scrubs, and endless amounts of delicious organic tea. This little slice of heaven is in PDX, and just what you need to detox and relax(especially pre-wedding). Check them out: Loyly
As for the wedding day.. Brace yourself for the prettiest barn wedding! This venue was unreal. The details were impeccable! Everything was spot on. You could even say it put you in a 'dream state'. :) I even got to feature my work all through the wedding. All of the dark wood calligraphy font signs are mine(They will be going up for grabs in my shop here shortly). The bride used the Laurel Wreath Bridal Bag that I gave her when I found out that she was engaged (Available here: My Shop). 
I also had the awesome privilege of being one of her Bridesmaids. Standing by her side on her wedding day was an honor -- not only because she is my friend, but their love for each other is so strong and powerful. You can feel it's energy, and there is definitely beauty in that.
While everyone was dancing and the bassy music was blasting a barn owl circled around the barn a few times (obviously curious by the noise). I googled it while standing there in amazement, and found out owls bring 'good furtune'. What better way to end the night??.. 

...and they lived happily ever after.


  1. Were you or Wayne the photographers too? Just lovely!

    1. We were not the photographers. I was in the wedding so there was a lot that I couldn't document. Wayne helped me with documentation, and hauling around my tote bags. It was SO fun! Just imagine what the photographers photos are going to be like if mine turned out this well.. Unbelievable venue...

  2. You captured the day so wonderfully! Your signs looked so perfect throughout the barn. Thank you do much for everything you did to make our day so special!!! Love ya girl <3

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