Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bash, Please & Design*Sponge Collaboration for a Backyard Movie Screening!

Here is a little inspiration for a summer backyard movie party! Since all of the drive-in's have been run out of town by big corporations like Wal-Mart turning it into a parking lot for their Super Wal-Mart expansions. Just an FYI that happned in my home town (Rest in peace Mel's Drive In). Most people have turned to creating their own pop up movie theaters like they do all over Portland Parks in the summer time. It is great to lay out blankets, and there are venders that serve hot dogs, popcorn, and ice cream. Such a brilliant and fun idea. But you can do it yourself. DIY! Turn a backyard movie screening into a donation party, fundraiser for someone you love, birthday party, the evening of a wedding for the kids to wind down to. So many ideas for events to be had over one simple idea- A movie outdoors.
This event was created by Bash, Please & the great Design*Sponge. Check out both of their links for more photos.

photos by Brandon Kidd

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