Monday, October 24, 2011

I Have Been Bird Watching!

Sorry for not making any posts recently. I havn't been too into anything in the blogosphere lately. For the most part I have just been finding things I can document on my own. I started some screen printing- I will be posting photos up real soon. We have also been spending alot of time with Wayne's mama- such a sweet lady(Hi Patti). She has the most precious birds in the area she lives in. So much diversity. I try to bring a camera when ever possible when we go to visit. So if you guys are interested I'd like to share a few breeds of birds I have captured. The fun part about bird watching with a bird feeder to draw them in- They wait their turn! Most same breeds will eat together. The only rude guy around seems to be the Steller's Jay. They kick everyone out thinking they own the place, but I think the Northern Flicker is much bigger. If the Steller's Jay were a human they would probably drive a "tricked out" truck and tailgate poor old ladies..hehe
Happy Learning.

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