Friday, October 7, 2011

DIY Bat Banner and Halloween Bunting.

My mother e-mailed me asking for a Halloween Banner. She said she would pay me.. But what kind of child accepts money from their mama when they do things with love. It's a festive gift. I downloaded the font from fontsy called "Blood of Dracula". Fontsy has thousands of free fonts to download. Maybe I will share the best of sometime? Where was I? Oh.. So I hand drew all of the letters, cut them to size. Cut the scrapbook paper into four pieces, and cut the bunting triangles out evenly. I grabbed some orange construction paper and outlined each letter, and glued them together. Then grabbed some of my burlap, again cut out around the letters. Layed out the bunting, and put them in order to be sewn. I sewed the letters to the burlap to the bunting paper. Once still in order to be sewn, I grabbed my black fabric ribbon and made a bow then started sewing the bunting pieces to the ribbon.
As far as the bats go. I cut a piece of construction paper, folded it in half so the bat would be even on both sides. I started with cutting out the head, cut an ear, made the shoulders, then straight out to the tip of the wing, made three curves on the bottom side of the wing to the center of the paper. Open- and tada! A bat. I folded the wings on both sides so when shipping to my mama they will lay flat. I did this till I was out of paper, then sewed them together with my stitch width and length as high as it will go. That makes the tension less so you can space the bats apart, Otherwise the machine will automatically cinch them close together. You must also pull the bats through when spacing them.


  1. KRISTINA!I LOVE YOU! This is great! Looking forward to using it! THANK YOU!

  2. Hehe Glad you like it. I hope it is not smashed when you get it.. Fingers crossed. I put extra bats in there for you to tape to the walls around the banner, or on the banner itself. <3

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