Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hip Urban Homesteaders

Where do I start?  Here in Portland, I just found out that there is a a company just across the river called Portland Homestead Supply Co.. I plan to go check it out, maybe even tomorrow! I am so excited to have a local company we will support alot in the future, as we work our way off the grind. They are a one-stop resource for urban homesteaders. "We strive to source products made locally or in the US, with an emphasis on non-electric items". So I will be posting again once we check out what they have. Maybe I will even get involved with some of their classes and demonstrations.

On to some inspiration.. Canning, and preserving are(sorry to say) not the hippest thing in the world to do. The simple design of these labels gives canning a whole new name. They seem fresh, and new. The labels make the product appear expensive, and top of the line. I coudn't be more inspired to get a few fruit trees. So we can get started jammin'. I bet I would 'jam' listening to reggae. Now that is hip!
Check out more photo's of the labels here.

Next is inspiration for having our giant garden! I want to can everything! With the help of a few good books and Waynes mom. It will be possible! I plan to get all of our friends and family together, and each year have canning parties! The blog Cottage Industrialist had a guest post featuring free printables from Kristen Magee at Paper Crave. Get inspired to have a canning party yourself with her fun photos, and free printables!
Check out her post here to download. She also has links to websites for canning supplies and recipes.

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