Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our Individual Responsibility To Buy Local

If you couldn't tell I am inspired to get cannin', jammin' & picklin'. So I purched two books today off of Amazon(here & here). I am ready to learn the basics, tips, and tricks. I am also interested in the recipes. I plan to have a small canning party (consisting of 3 people total-haha). Wayne's mom is on the hunt for a good pressure cooker. She has all the knowledge I crave. So as I learn, I want to teach you! I am hoping to get all of you to start thinking more about what you eat, and starting a significant food storage to last you a while. Healthy things that you always eat. Think of your body as an engine. You want to keep it working consistently a long time, but as you may figure- that will take regular maintenance. You have to keep things clean, and flowing-No build up. You want the cleanest and most high quality products for your special engine. Just think if you didn't maintain the engine, you would pay whatever it takes to fix it if it broke. You only get one! But why wasn't it worth it to you to have preventative maintenance? Let's protect our engines, and the environment around it. Do you get what I am saying? The message here is support local farmers, grow food yourself if you can, and eat organic. If there is a 'right' way or 'natural' way to do things. Do it. Your engine needs it! So does your family, and local economy when you buy local. The famous American trend forcaster Gerald Celente says to break the chains! Meaning break the chains from corporate store chains and we will have our economy back and booming. Support the people around you!

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