Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We Are So Good Together.

With love in the air(as it should always be). I found this product- A collaboration between Pigeon Toe Ceramics and Illustrator/Stylist/Optimist Shanna Murray. Two stacking vessels, could be filled with both of your favorite things to enjoy together. They would make a really great wedding or anniversary gift. I wish they were big enough to be soup bowls, or coffee mugs. That would make for really good photos. Both of us holding our bowls up while eating, or holding our coffee cups together. They could be used as an engagement photo, or wedding day photography(hint..Kristy). Extremely adorable ideas, and such a simple find.
These "vessels" are only 4 ounces. In cup terms is only half a cup! Now what could we use that for? Salsa? Salsa for 2.. Sounds romantic. (I know.. I'll hush) Just enjoy the simplicity, and sweet illustration. Buy the stacking vessels here at Pigeon Toe Ceramics.

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