Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Message To You Followers

I announced the winners of Dream State's first birthday giveaway on facebook. Those two ladies sent their information my way, and hopefully if I make a shout out they will take a photo or two when the custom hand stamped garden stakes are in the ground. ; ) I update regularly on facebook! So do make sure to follow me there (shortcut link here)! I also wanted to share that I am having slight technical difficulties getting my shop up and running, but I did want to show you followers what I have completed so far. This is just a few of the bags I have completed. My photo shoot went just as planned. I know I have a few family members that are excited to see what I have up my sleeve so here it is guys! I am planning on at least 7 more designs. Very exciting stuff! If you are on Etsy add me to your circle, and favorites so you will be up to date when the shop  is officially open (link to my etsy page). I will announce a shop opening discount code for you followers- In case you know a bride in need of  'Welcome' Gift bags this summer. Also available are eco-friendly reusable gift bags for any occasion. The idea for the shop is to have a simple but elegant look. Nothing too complicated, with a simple message.
I am anxious to see what will come in the near future, and thanks for joining me in the adventure!

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