Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wind-Up Butterfly Party Favors

I don't make posts about kids projects very often. Well... because I don't have any. But I find this one to be so cute and fun to do for a girls birthday party. I had to share the idea with you. I found this adorable idea on You Are My Fave blog. It was a guest post from Amelia of The Homebook blog. Her aunt made her a wind up butterfly when she was 10 or 11 and she still thought about it till this day. She did the research, and learned how to do it herself..

How it works: You wind-up the two top wings, and you twist them- it twists the rubber band in the center. As you twist the rubber band the tension gets stronger and the butterfly flies further. 

My idea is for a girls birthday is you can have these sitting all over the house- without showing the girls how it works. As soon as she opens up that book you got her/or birthday card, the butterfly that is wound up and held down inside will fly out! How exciting is that? Then when presents are all done they will spend the rest of the day playing with butterflies, and a great gift to send them home with!
Go to You Are My Fave's post here to learn how to make this fun girls project yourself!

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  1. I went to and was amazed at the selection. They have a lot of great designs like the catching fire flyer that my kids really loved. In fact, I like these so much I bought a bunch of Christmas Butterflyers to put in this year's cards! PS, use code bfi-0000 and save 40-60% off the retail price of $2.50