Monday, June 11, 2012

Stamp Carving

In my last stamp carving tutorial (see that here), I said I would come up with a smaller stamp.. I made a 'Thank You' stamp, and a 'cross vine' stamp. The 'cross vine' stamp size was based on my over sized gift tags. I wanted a stamp that I could write next to, and they would compliment each other. I wanted something I can use for my Etsy shop (which will be opening soon). They were both actually quite simple to make. This time around I used the exact same shape and size of the original "thank you" flag that I made on my last tutorial (see here). Instead of the stamp text being carved out- leaving the background exposed.. This time I made the text raised as a stamp normally is. The cross vine design is something that I have showed you a couple of time in the bag designs. I want to keep a consistent theme. : )

I've showed you how to carve stamps a couple of times. I will spare myself this time. What I will tell you is that if you are looking for a craft project that is relaxing.. Go for it! Carving stamps brings satisfaction, and you completely focus all of your energy on one thing, and that is not too carve too deep- Just a little bit at a time. When you step back and look at what you created, it is wonderful! It is fun to see the final product stamped because you created it completely backwards, and to see it in the right direction changes your perspective of the stamp all together.
Now get stamping!

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