Friday, May 24, 2013

Quit Your Day Job, and Go Camping!

I completed my last day at the day job(hoorah! I love meeting goals). We now have the keys to the new house, and spent 2 nights deep cleaning, and learning the ticks and tricks of the house. We also compiled a list of things that we will need ASAP. We had electricity but no refrigerator, so it felt somewhat like camping. Turns out the couple of nights that we planned to go 'camping' would be the worst weather we have seen in a long time. Think hurricane.. It was much colder than it has been, so we went through a good amount of wood already while trying to get the house heated up for the first time. Thankfully the weather will be getting nice here soon(I hope). We found out there is quail that roam the property, Also met a neighbor. He seems like a genuine guy(YAY!)!
Things are going good so far. We just have a big shopping list right now. Christmas, and Birthday's are covered for a while. We will just buy each other tools, and equipment till the end of time. :P

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  1. Good luck to you and enjoy your new surroundings, YAYAYAYA!

  2. Will place an order once we set our date! Was great working with you! Nat

  3. So lovely! I have a dream to live somewhere in the forest...

    1. Well I hope you will continue to follow the adventures! I am now building hiking trails. :)