Saturday, June 1, 2013

An Expensive First Time Home Owner Experience.

We just got back from 4 nights out at the cabin. We prepped the house for the official move-in. Moving from a condo in the city to a cabin means we have A LOT of supplies to buy. We purchased a washer, drier, refrigerator, lawn mower, weed-wacker, gas can, wheel barrow,  rakes, pitch fork, shovels, weather stripping, caulking, and caulk gun, spray foam, wood puddy, carpenter ant/termite spray, gloves, protective eyewear, clippers, shop vac, 4G LTE wireless data terminal(we have to have wifi!), yard hose, extension chord, staple gun and staples, roll of metal netting(we have a bat that sleeps under the house), new locks, and keys.
We buttoned up the house. Sealed everything possible that we can seal, wiped down and shop-vaced every inch of the house. We also stacked wet wood that has been laying out, mowed the lawn/weed-wacked, burned some brush(found out we need a permit to burn-whoops!), started building some hiking trails, and chopped some branches that were in the way for the roofers. Yes we have a new roof on it's way as well! We are soar from head to toe, cut up, and bruised, and have no time to relax, and recover. We now have a busy week ahead of us with packing, and moving.     0.0

Next on the purchasing list is a Chainsaw, & wood chipper. I thought of starting a donation page for anyone feeling the need or want to help us first time home buyers who are running away from it all, and are in need of SO many supplies.. Once moved in we are building a gardener's shed (A.K.A- mother in law cabin),  and remodeling the kitchen. So all of you who are following this adventure have some things to look forward to. See how we do it, and donate to our cause. 
We want to inspire others to do the same thing that we are. Build a community of like-minded people, educate others along the way, and show that this drastic lifestyle change IS possible. :)

The neighbor told us that this chainsaw was left in our tree in 1958. We think the area was logged about 70 years ago based on the size of the trees, so that date would fall just in line with the date given.

We think this cedar tree is around 400 year old.

Started on some fence posts.

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