Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DIY Coffee Table on a Budget!

I have been vocal around the house about needing a coffee table because we recently got a new rug for the living room. It just flies around. A simple nice wood table would do just the trick! I have been on the hunt at antique stores looking for one, and yesterday while I was printing orders all day- Wayne was making all kinds of ruckus and tells me he is going to build me one! I said.... "Can I document in between printing? Just yell for me!", I was so excited!
The thing turned out fantastic! He made sure to pick out the most knotty(naughty) boards he could find, and note: This was all made out of materials that we had on hand. If you went out to buy the materials this table would still only run you less than $10.00! It is 100% cedar too. He sanded 4 cedar 5 foot fence boards, which typically only run about $1.50 each. The legs and under framing were made out of a 4 foot salvaged 2x6 board from my parents porch that they recently had replaced, and a hand full of nails! A nice Lin Seed oil finish to bring out the cedar color, and Presto! All it was missing was a cute little puppy and a table top cactus!

The boy has got skills.

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