Saturday, August 17, 2013

Family Camping & Our Before and After Yard Photos

My family camped over for a couple of nights for my dad's birthday. It was nice to not really do anything. My dad is a workaholic, and can't ever sit down so we made sure to have the wood chopped and ready for him. He doesn't like sweets so I got him a hamburger cupcake from Market of Choice(Isn't it adorable?!), and he is stubborn about cooking his meals. So we helped out, and tried to make it special. The boys shot some guns, and threw axes. Throwing axes is one thing I had no idea my dad liked to do. We are going to set up a target for their next stay. Which is apparently in a few weeks. :) I am again excited!

This here are the original yard photos from our first trip to check out the house. I wanted to share the amount of work that we have done. It always feels like we have so much to do, but looking at these photos.. This place has come a LONG WAY in a short amount of time. I tried to take the photos in the same location as the originals.

We now have a camp site, wood ready for winter, a tiny home, an orchard, a couple small gardens, a dog, hiking trails, and an improved overall landscape.

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