Monday, December 2, 2013

Around The House

I have neglected the blog lately. This happens time to time, but I am getting back into things. I just needed a little break. I have still been documenting everything as usual. I guess I havn't found too many things to be very exciting. My shop tanked for a while and is now picking back up. I am sure that has something to do with my 'mojo'. Nobody wants to read a blog filled with excuses - so lets get to it!
It has been a pretty dry fall so far. One of those rare ones.. Unfortunately as I write this there is a storm over head. One of the first gusts of wind last night knocked a tree over into our driveway and through the fence that Wayne built. I must say that is a little scary since winter isn't even here yet.

Wayne has been cutting trees down left and right trying to get a good supply of wood ready for winter. It is expected to be a cold one.
I have been putting my rain boots to work in the last couple of months. I do not go outside in any other shoes except when leaving the property. In that case those are my "city shoes". I think I may be asking Santa for some Hunter boots this year.
Hard at work making a custom sign next to the fire.
This photo kills me.. Wayne and Kola hugging it out. Our 40 pound pup looks more like 100 pounds here.
Do not ask. I do not know. We had several of these massive mushrooms, and literally could have had a mushroom festival here in our yard. I actually bought the book Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest to try to figure out what some of them are. A lot of them look the same really..
This is what breaks look like on the homestead.
I could go on forever with photos that I have documented over the last month or two. Sounds like I have some blog post catching up to do! Check back soon!

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