Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Our (pre)winter wonderland lasted about a week. We had record breaking freezing temperatures, so it stuck around a while. Giving us plenty of time to play! We had so much snow for so long, we actually got a little tired of it. 
A bird hit our living room window one of those days (I am a bird expert now). They need a dark quiet place to recover. I closed up one of my large shipping boxes, and tore a large hole in the top. Placed a rag in there(because it was ridiculously cold out, and had been lying in the snow). Leave the box outside in a covered area. When they have recovered, they will fly away. We also had an interesting experience with hummingbirds! We had a thawing system going for the hummingbird feeders. They would freeze solid every couple of hours, and one night Wayne went out to bring it in, and found a hummingbird sleeping on the feeder. Apparently it thought it would die if it lost its only source of food, so it was worth it to sleep there all night. The majority of hummingbirds migrate, but if feeders are left out some will stay through winter. So you have to pay attention to them, or they will die. They are completely dependent on you. We are obviously now up for the job after learning that!
Next blog post: UGLY SWEATER PARTY!

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