Friday, December 6, 2013

Our First Snow

Today was our first snow in the new house! First house, first tree, now first snow! This was Kola's(our dog) first experience of snow also! I thought she would be a little scared to touch it. Nope! She sprinted through the yard with her mouth open trying to eat all of the flakes falling. She also digs her nose as far down into the snow as she can and pulls all of the snow up to eat. Nothing short of entertaining.
Wayne snowboarded down the yard, and I sat on it and sledded. Kola chased us and barked at the board for taking us for a ride.. She is very protective, and packed full of hilarious personality.
My new saying has been, "It's a Christmas miracle!" for just about anything. Our shower water pipe froze sometime yesterday so we had sponge baths out of a giant canning pot. The prepper in me said, "Thank you for this experience". The little lady in me said, "Holy, really? A shower out of a bucket. NOT a Christmas miracle"
Being our first winter in the new house.. We are happy to experience anything that we might need to know about living here. Now we know we have to keep the water flowing periodically when there is freezing temperatures. This is a learning process, and we ARE taking notes.


  1. Even the hard times are fun to look back on. You will always remember your shower in a bucket lol. Kola is so adorable. I can't wait to meet her!

    1. That is a good way of looking at things! It wasn't too bad. Just a little colder than normal. :) Kola will think Ender is a horse! :)