Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beach House Birthday Adventure

I had a bit of a delay with posting this trip because I  managed to take over 700 pictures in a 3 day trip with my family. Once I found out we were going I started planning a surprise birthday for my mom, because the dates were so close together, and it only seemed to make sense that we combine the big 50 with a special family gathering. My niece also has a birthday that is close to the dates we were there. So it was one big family celebration. For the last couple of months I have been driving Wayne crazy with all of my paper stamping, sewing, and gluing, printing, and drawing. I made 8 party hats(found the template here at Oh Happy Day), 2 buntings, 1 dot garland, 2 cake toppers, 2 cake buntings, 6 cupcake banners, and tons of pinwheels (learn how to make pinwheels here at Wedding Chicks). I also personalized some juice drinks with photos of both of the birthday girls. I printed their photos on sticker paper, so it was a really easy project. So in conclusion.. I have been a busy bee!
I would actually like to make a shout out to my grandpa at this time, who told me he actually reads my blog (Hi Gpa!)! Next I'd like to address the fact that my soul needed this trip. The sun has been hot, and summer has arrived early(aka-We are all sun burned)! We cooked hotdogs by the fire(soy & veggie of course- The kids didn't notice- The adults hated them-haha), BBQ'd, had cold pasta salads. The kids swam day and night, the adults sat in the hot tub day and night. I could have stayed there for weeks with these guys. There is so much beach to be adventured too.. I had such a good time, and loved the surprise, and embarrassment my mom had when I threw the party hat on her head. She absolutely hates her photo taken too so it was just pure torture(hehe). Good torture.
This is our adventure!

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