Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DIY Succulent Projects

I have had my eye on succulents not because I feel like I am saying a bad word (Suck-you-lent), But because they are so easy to care for and add a simple and cute touch to any space. I enjoy looking at air plants too!  I bought my mom a cedar box of succulents for her birthday. It was such an adorable arrangement.. A succulent arrangement would make a fun housewarming present, and what blog out there besides mine hasn't made a homemade terrarium? It's a fun project for any occasion. Get your inspirational blood flowing with a few of these DIY projects!
I came across this re-purposed succulent dresser on the blog Grizzly Bear Modern. This project came out to being a total of $82.00 and they could have made it even cheaper if they were more patient with finding deals on succulents. See their complete DIY project to learn how they did it here. A great re-purposed furniture backyard project!
This second DIY succulent terrarium cost under $8.00 to make! That DIY project is from the blog Craftberry Bush. She glued clear glass in between dollar store ceramic bowls. She put a layer of gravel in the bottom, got river rocks from the dollar store, and some moss out of the front yard. Covered the roots with potting soil, and added some drift wood for embellishment. I would buy that baby for $35.00! See the complete how to and more photos here. On the next DIY Succulent project.. This one is from the blog Say Yes to Hoboken. This is a full tutorial and download for the templates on how to make the 'Clay House Succulent Pots'. You can make any design, just as long as it is water tight! Check it out here.
If interested in getting your own suck-you-lent garden going/growing I found a place on Etsy! The Succulent Garden sells bulk, and individual succulents. Check out their shop- The prices aren't bad! You might just be inspired to make one or many of these!
These pretty little things are front the Etsy shop of O'Berry Succulents on Etsy. Seriously just type in 'Succulents' on Etsy to get your brain full of inspirational bounty!

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