Friday, May 18, 2012

Hiking & A Mother's Day Adventure!

We have been busy bee's! I think the summer arriving early has something to do with it. I am not complaining though.. Just documenting our adventures. A couple of days ago we went hiking at Terwilliger Trailhead. I felt like we were in a bird jungle. There were birds singing in every direction, and thudding from the wood peckers. We both woke up yesterday with soar butts and backs so we got a good workout. First thing yesterday we got ready, and went over to Wayne's Mah's house. We decided to celebrate Mother's Day on a day that we all had off. I made all of us belgain waffles(Yum) with fresh fruit. We then set out for some adventure time. They wanted to shoot guns, so we packed a picnic! We found a remote, and bustling lake in the middle of nowhere to enjoy our homemade yummies. At the lake we couldn't help but notice the size of trees! HUGE! To end the day we stopped by Thompson farm out in Damascus, where their booth is on an honor system. Everything is super cheap, and organic! It is a must if you live in the area. It is worth the drive to eat seasonally, locally, cheap, and organic. The family farm grows 50 different crops on 145 acres. Thompson's Farm abandoned synthetic fertilizers decades ago, long before the term "organic" became an agricultural catch phrase. If you don't have plans over the weekend, and live in the area you should head out there. To visit the farm here is a link.
See a Thompson's Video Here on Youtube to learn more!

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