Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Etsy Shop Opening Soon!

Last week while I was sick with a nasty cold.. I got busy. Busy giving my Etsy shop a face lift! I am motivated to start making stuff- Not just as gifts for the ones I love.. but beyond that. Get some extra money in my empty pockets! haha I work at a hotel if you kids didn't know. I regularly help out wedding on the weekends. My job has killed whatever dream I MIGHT have had at one point of having a wedding. haha.. But one thing I do love about weddings, is the 'Welcome' bags! The wedding party puts together welcome bags for the families that traveled far to get to the hotel. I thing it is sweet and thoughtful. Which as you may know is one of the things that inspires me most in this world. Thoughtfulness means that you went out of your way to do something special because you appreciate that person. We all need more time to show others how much they mean to us.. Anyways- back to my project I've got going.. I am making 'Welcome' bags for weddings, 'Bridesmaids' & 'Maid of Honor' appreciation bags to fill with goodies. I am making 'Birthday', & 'Thank You' bags. Also tons of bags with all different ways of saying 'I Love You'. I just got the bags in today, so I laid them out with the transparency paper on top to show everyone what I did in just 1 day! All except two of the designs were made in 1 day! I am planning to print a few in different colors for the shop, but I like how the black looks on the natural canvas.
I don't have any items in my Etsy shop yet, but add me to your 'circle' or 'favorites'! I will have items in there very soon, and will kick off my re-opening with a discount code for my followers! See my revamped Etsy shop here.

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