Monday, June 24, 2013

Let the Festivities Begin!

My sister got married, and just graduated form college. Congrats! Her new husband asked the ladies in the family to help plan the graduation party. I made up the invitations, and my sweet mama came up with most of the decorations. I unfortunately was not as on the ball as I wish I was because of being in between addresses. I didn't know if things would make it in time, and they didn't! The red & white balloons did not make it in time. Nurse parties are fun, because it brings out Halloween supplies. I really wanted to get chocolate band-aids, and stethoscopes. It didn't happen. I DID get a fake prescription pad, and a customizable 'Congratulations' banner. My mom got syringe pens in 4 colors, pill bottles with custom labels and filled them with jelly beans as favors, nurse photo prop hats, a giant syringe, a giant pee cup to hold all of the syringes. My sister also got some syringes for jello shots(Of course-haha).
This is what I had in my inspiration board for the party.

Here is the invitation I came up with.

And here is the party! I set up a silly photobooth that went totally haywire. The silver fringe curtain was being completely sucked through the wood fencing. Poor planning, but I had no idea where it would go before I got to their house. I suggest having quite a few layers of fringe if there will be a photobooth up against the fence. :/ Now I know..

My nephew loved the syringes. He kept calling them 'shockers' and wanted his photo taken. Which is out of character. He usually hides! I am glad someone enjoyed the props! Always makes for good pictures. :)

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